Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Three Israeli soldiers killed in Gaza fighting.


qunfuz said...

Hamas is steadily and constantly improving its fighting methods.

Maysaloon said...

Good point. I see Israel's brazen targeting of civilians as a sign of its frustration with this improvement. I don't think they are sure how to deal with this.

Yaman said...

I see Israel's brazen targeting of civilians as... business as usual.

Ibn Bint Jbeil said...

yaman is right, but there is frustration nonetheless.. they have no strategy, and time is their worst enemy no matter what course of action they take.

Lirun said...

israel doesnt target civillians you crack heads..

happy passover..

Ibn Bint Jbeil said...

next thing this lirun will tell us that the u.s. or the nazis never targeted civilians. happy passover indeed. it seems self-respect has passed over this lirun.

ASDFGHJK said...

Maybe all we crack heads & guys/girls with passed over self-respect should try to debate this deliberate targeting of civilians more rational and try to stay fact-based.


- we see in these kind of conflicts a sad ratio of civilians to combatants killings
- this ratio tends to scroll to the expense of civilians as longer as a conflict drags on
- there is a tendency to include more and more subgroups into the definition of combatants over time

The Palestine/Israel conflict

No one can deny that there are constantly operations that accept already in the planing phase the death of civilians

I don't see in this conflict military operations that are exclusively targeting civilians.


We should see there is no black and white

- there is no such thing as purity of arms
- there is no benefit to exaggerate the doings of the other side

The important area is the gray area as its boundaries are constantly pushed.
This could culminate in blind bombardments and free fire zones with the rational that possibly also some militants are hit.

Again - Especially Gaza is bad but it is no Grozny, Chechnya of '99.

I would like to end my argumentation with pointing to the more acute problem of the deliberate denial of food, energy and medication that silently kills the inhabitants of Gaza.

Lirun said...

i actually think that time is our best friend.. and the facts on the ground demonstrate this well..

i think your casual pornographic use of the word nazi is revolting.. and reckless and hurtful to the very causes you purport to support..

i can agree that purity of arms is a very difficult concept.. but i think the very assumption that underlying the assertion that people are soo bad that they would seek to target civillians is nothing more than a reflection of the heart of the person casting such aspersions.. and that is the tragic aspect of this..

as people who pretend to want things to change actually are so soaken in hatred that they flick it everywhere and genuinely believe that the other side is satan and that demonising that side will help them somehow..

what a useless exercise..

Ibn Bint Jbeil said...

my assertion in using the term nazi is to equate that word with the word zionist, in this anonymous & virtual conversation, and in all conversations, because that is an accurate reflection of zionist actions on the ground.