Wednesday, May 26, 2010

"The very idea of "urinates" on 2.5 million Gazans"

Although the worst kinds of Arabs have been praising and adoring of, the majority of people I have spoken with have had reactions ranging from bewilderness at such stupidity to outright denunciations. That is comforting because it means that in spite of the misguided efforts of a few morally bankrupt individuals, people still have more common sense than to listen to such nonsense.

I do not need to remind the founders of this "initiative" that there are American soldiers in Iraq. See the previous video posted earlier to see that there are still Arabs who resist occupation in the only legitimate way that occupation must be resisted. There are 2.5 million people being imprisoned in Gaza who are being denied food, medical treatment, the basic amenities of life, whilst these armchair and cafe-diplomats sit there and self-congratulate each other on their "civilized" manner. In reality the very idea of urinates on 2.5 million Gazans as they starve and die slowly. Over 1000 Gazans died in the last war with Israel, in Lebanon over 1000 Lebanese civilians died because of Israeli aggression. At this very moment, there are plans by Israeli generals to bomb cities in Lebanon, Syria and Iran. These are not just hypothetical scenarios, these are preparations. But you don't care about that, in fact you want to surrender before the shooting even starts. Shame on you.

There are no two-ways about it, when you support something like this you are supporting the occupation and you are supporting the systematic genocide of innocent people. You are not brave, ladies and gentlemen, you are cowards. A prostitute that wraps herself in a Syrian flag is still a prostitute. The sad thing is many of you and the people who support you will ask me, "what's wrong with being a prostitute?". Exactly...

N.B. I would like to apologise to any real prostitutes who happen to read this blog for likening the founders of this initiative to them and for any offence caused.


Hamoudi Al-Assaf said...

The title perfectly describes the situation.

" There are 2.5 million people being imprisoned in Gaza who are being denied food, medical treatment, the basic amenities of life, whilst these armchair and cafe-diplomats sit there and self-congratulate each other on their "civilized" manner. " >>> Exactly.

LOLLLL @ " I would like to apologise to any real prostitutes who happen to read this blog for likening the founders of this initiative to them and for any offence caused."

Excellent Post (Y). 7lweh w Mal3oubeh.

Maysaloon said...

Thanks Hamoudi!

Unknown said...

There you go again.

Our positions are as hard line and as peace-seeking as the official Syrian position. Not more and not less.

When Syria officially declares that it is rejecting the peace option I will immediately withdraw this "initiative".

When Mr. Nasrallah makes a statement opposing Syrian meetings in Turkey that end with a statement about seeking Turkish help to restart indirect negotiations, then I will be willing to look at these things differently.

But for now, everyone, from Iran, to Hezbollah, to Hamas is supportive of Syria's efforts to seek an end to Israeli occupation through peaceful means, without dropping the resistance option if everything else fails.

If you were equally angry at Mr. Nasrallah, then I would excuse you.

But this predictable post was too boring Waseem. Usually you can do better.

A loud and angry student wrapping himself in "laaa" Arab/resistance/Islamic flag is still ... a loud and angry student who has no clue how wrong he is this time because he is only good at listening to his own voice.

We all know how small the chances are with the current Israeli government that is run by lunatics (secular and religious), and we know that Israel committed war crimes in Gaza and in Lebanon, and we know that over 90% of the Israeli public will support their country's next unjust war just like they did in Gaza.

But just like when a cancer patient has a small chance of responding to treatment he is always given that treatment instead of being shot dead with a bullet, we are helping Syria in its efforts to try one more time to reach a satisfactory end to the conflict without bullets, but without concessions.

When you go and join Hezbollah's army in Lebanon I would start to take you more seriously. Until then you are just a predictable armchair and cafe pro resistance statement-producer.

"Onemideast" has nothing to do with what you think it is. I'll give you a hint: It is part of an experiment. For example, the next phase will be performed by computers running statistical analysis on data collected plus more data that we will collect elsewhere.

I suggest you go back to criticizing America's puppets in the Arab world and leave us alone.

Unknown said...

This special report on Swiss Radio today should make everything clear :)

Maysaloon said...

Firstly let me point out that whilst I support the Syrian government I do not support you. The Syrian government has its own justification for doing what it does and the only party that needs to know what the Syrian government is planning to do is the Syrian government.

You on the other hand do need to justify what it is that you are doing because firstly you are not the Syrian government and secondly because I, and many Syrians, do not believe you appreciate the seriousness of what it is you are dabbling with nor are you grasping the nuances of what is happening in the region. Therefore don’t equate what you are doing with the official position of the Syrian government because the two of you are mutually exclusive unless there is a relationship you enjoy with them that you have not made public.

Although you may think that what you are doing is the same as what Iran, Syria, Hezbullah are doing, you are not. There is a qualitative difference and there is a difference in justification of the ends pursued and towards what means - a justification that you simply do not have.

When you countenance as a legitimate moral position the act of being “equally angry with Nasrallah”, it shows that you don’t seem to realise who Nasrallah is, what he represents or even what he says. You simply don’t know who the players in the region are, what is at stake and what motivates them.

I don’t have time to give you or other sofa-statesmen a lecture on the history of the Middle East or on contemporary politics, go read a book about it and stop letting the adulation of hopeless children like Mona al Tahawy or “Elie al Hadj” get to your head. In the meantime I will continue to criticise, and loudly, America’s puppets in the Arab world.

Camille, hypocrisy thy name is…

Unknown said...


I would like to remind you that you are not God and that you are not even a fair judge. You are an Abdul Nasser wannabe.

The day when you can read my mind, come back and tell me all those things that you assume you know about me.

Sorry to tell you, again, that you have no clue what I am doing in this "initiative". I do not owe you any explanation beyond assuring you that you are making totally wrong assumptions and that I fully respect Syria's national policies.

Within few months, inshallah, you will see more results of what this project is all about.

Mona is a good friend but we have huge differences in opinion and we don't even talk politics because she hates my opinions.

Waseem ... did you notice the site is not banned in Syria?

Maybe they are more patient than you in waiting to see what direction it will take?

Maysaloon said...

Camille, I'm flattered and I know I might be good with some things but I know I'm not G-d. As for the site not being blocked in Syria, well...

Not black nor white said...

I do not think Camille should be attacked in this manner...I have been a Syria Comment reader for a very long while and did not read once any comment on his behalf that was not a proof of his patriotism and attachment to the Palestinian cause! It saddens me that people are always quick to jump to the same hysteric conclusions as soon as the name of Israel is being mentioned! They are our enemies? damn right they are But they have monopolized the media for quite some time due to that stupid hysteria that hits us and makes us incapable of understanding one word of what is being said as soon as that word is been pronounced!
As long as there are no meetings and that everything is out there for all to read it is a "war of words" as he puts it! A site that clearly exposes the enemy while clarifying our positions on all the attacks that the West has been sticking to us! Excuse me but I do not see the harm in that. Nor do I see where it is" urinating on 2.5 million Gazans" !A quite shocking title that is not very much respectful to those 2.5 million Gazans if you come to ask me...
This link (see below) is much more explanatory than everything that has been written or said!...One could approve the initiative, or not, or even be totally neutral.
At least here the guy did not participate to the stone throwing ceremony in order to score points about his patriotism, and instead decided to ask the right questions!

Maysaloon said...

Not black nor white,
It's amusing that you feel offended for the Gazans about my post title.

Nour said...


I'm afraid I have to agree with Waseem on this one. While we may have our differences on other matters, I think he has a clear picture when it comes to our struggle with "Israel". Camille, first, you cannot compare yourself to the Syrian regime, because the Syrian regime has to deal with political realities on the ground in order to survive and spare Syria any further disasters. However, the reason they have to do so is because of Syria's relative weakness, especially due to our continued division and fragmentation.

On the other hand, you, me, Waseem, and all other average citizens and civilians are not bound by any political necessities. We should be working toward achieving what is best for our people, and not engage in useless politics that can lead to nothing but further woes to our people. Instead of running to recognize our enemy, we should be working toward unifying our will so that we may more effectively confront this enemy and eliminate its threat once and for all.

One of the reasons I have limited my participation on Syria Comment is because I am truly saddened by the ease with which many of our compatriots are deceived. The way they all are fooled into believing that "Israelis" such as Shai and Yossi have any good intentions toward us is dumbfounding. It is clear that such "Israelis" have one thing, and only one thing, on their mind, which is to trick us into recognizing their right to our land. Therefore, they try to gain our trust by uttering some fluffy niceties which we are so quick to embrace. Yet their loyalty remains to their murderous, cancerous entity, the existence of which as an exclusively Jewish state on our land they have no problem with.

I therefore agree with Waseem that cannot possibly serve a constructive purpose, because it is in essence giving credibility and recognition to the usurping, criminal entity occupying our land and killing our people.

Maysaloon said...

Be careful, you are in danger of being labelled a hardliner. No lollipop for you =)

Nour said...


I AM a hardliner :-).

Unknown said...

"Maysaloon", I hope you did not get offended if I labeled you "a hardliner", I know that you normally prefer to use more reasonable labels like "a prostitute".


I am aware of the type you are attributing to Shai and Yossi. "The peace industry" in Israel is part of their strategy of keeping the Arabs hopeful that there are Israelis on the other side they can talk to and reach an agreement one day ... one day, if only those Arabs agree to remain nice and patient until that day comes. Meanwhile Israel continues to build settlements that make the occupied territories Jewish enough to deny their Arab character in the future.

I had many Israelis and many American friends of Israel trying to contact me in the past to participate in such standard peace industry efforts. I refused to.

Shai and Yossi are not that type. They both are not Syrians like us and they both want Israel to be safe and prosperous within its pre 1967 borders. But that is a position that is compatible with what Syria is asking for. It is also what Khaled Mashaal, Sayyed Nasrallah and Ahmadinejad will accept as terms of a peace settlement, one day... and I am not optimistic that day is coming soon.

I can not be more royal than the king Nour. I agree to some extent with your vision for the future of that region (united), but I see that happening a decade or two after a peace treaty with Israel that is based on the Arab peace initiative which is based on UN resolutions 242, 338, and 497

What I am doing is not about symbolism or slogans. We had enough of those the past few decades.

I will tell you how I hope one of the many outcomes from will be to your liking: It will help Syria accelerate its decision making process ... to decide if peace is a viable option or if it is really a hopeless case.

Finally, I am a Syrian nationalist to some extent Nour, with modifications on the original idea.

I love Syria a thousand times more that "Maysaloon" does and I don't need his approval to reassure myself. Let him continue to assume that I only get the support of "the worst kind of Arabs". If he gets to look at my inbox he will be very disappointed.

We all have different views. For example you and "Maysaloon" are not at all in agreement ... he is an Islamist, you are secular. Opinions are not simple one dimensional isolated constructs, there are infinite variations among us and we need to be a bit more mature before we use the "prostitute" label just like we complain about the west using the "terror supporter" label.

Maysaloon said...

Do you really think that Khaled Meshaal, Hassan Nasrallah and Mamoud Ahmadi Nejad are willing to accept what you just mentioned, or might be 'prepared' to accept such an agreement?

Islamist or no Islamist, the reason I said you are not really sure what is going on is proved by statements you make like this all the time.

You are formulating a political opinion and position based on what you simply read from your "mailbox" or on the news. That is why your position on anything to do with the Arab/Israeli issue has never had any depth. The only explanation is either because you know something we don't know, or people we don't know about, or you take things at face value, and you're smarter than that.

I don't want to know who you know, or what your motives are because I have no business to know that. We all have a part to play and my part is to criticise ideas like yours. That's just the way we have been lined up on this playing field. And of course it's not personal.

And I am not a "nationalist" anymore than I am an "Islamist". But I don't mind you calling me one because it's actually not an epithet, and I know enough about that. Finally, you're right, you do love Syria a thousand times more than me. I don't do flag waving and national anthems. What you and other Syrian bloggers in our "circle" don't seem to appreciate is that there are still Syrians left who can formulate an opinion based on principles and choices which haven't been written by somebody in English or French first.

There is an alternative to the Western-centric international system, culture, politics and philosophy. That is what frightens America, Britain, France and Israel and that is what those katyushas and qassams represent.

Nour said...


First, I didn't use any labels in my response to you, nor do I generally resort to such tactics. I am responsible only for what I write. I realize very much that opinions are not one-dimensional, which is why I said initially in my previous post that Waseem and I disagree on many other things, but on this particular issue, I happen to agree with him. But this reality does not stop at Waseem and extends even to the Syrian regime, Hassan Nasrallah and Ahmadinejad. While I support Nasrallah's position vis-a-vis his resistance to "Israel", and stand by the Syrian regime in its attempt to confront and repel international pressure against it, and respect Iran for its attempt at advancing its own country, I have wide disagreements with all on matters affecting our national interest.

As you well know my position is based on my awareness of my national identity and thereby my understanding of the national interest, which to explain would require a much longer discussion. But to summarize it, I do not accept 1967 as any sort of turning point or frame of reference. 1967 was but a mere continuation of the attack on the nation by the Jewish entity. An attack which started in the early 20th Century when a plan was put together by Zionist Jews to occupy our land and forcibly remove our people from it. I oppose the very idea of the establishment of an exclusive state for a foreign group of people on any part of my land, because I believe there has to be a principled position on this matter. Either you believe that occupation and usurpation of your land is acceptable on principle, or you believe it is not. If you recognize the right of Jews to have their own state on our land because a certain number of years had passed, then you have to accept that forever your land is subject to foreign occupation, as to you, the only requirement to legitimize an occupation is for a certain time period to pass.

You stated in your post that you cannot be more "royal than the king." But just who is the "king" that you are referring to here? The Syrian regime? Hizballah? The Palestinian factions? Who said these were the "kings" on whom we must model all our positions. The actual "king" is the nation. The nation in its entirety, in all its generations, and not a few individuals, groups, or even a generation of this nation.

The issue of the occupation of southern Syria (Palestine) is not a "Palestinian issue" separate from the "Shami issue" separate from the "Lebanese" issue, etc. It is the issue of the entire nation and part of the single national cause. This "divide and conquer" strategy is used by the west and the Jews to divide and fragment us an dissipate the energy of the nation so that no formidable force is established to confront the dangers posed to us by the Jewish entity. The occupation of the Joulan is merely the extension of Jewish occupation of our land, and not the beginning of the conflict between the Syrian Arab Republic and "Israel". It is with this attitude that we do the greatest service to "Israel." And it is this attitude that we need to eliminate in order to effectively confront the enemy and defend our national rights against its assault.


I never said you don't love Syria, or that you don't wish the best for it. But I believe this whole approach of giving legitimacy to the enemy is highly destructive and does nothing other than surrender our legitimate national rights. And for that reason I oppose it completely, and I believe very strongly in Saadeh's statement "the hand that stretches to make peace with 'Israel' shall be severed from the shoulder."

Unknown said...

Waseem, I do respect your choice to be "an Islamist" and "a hardliner". But if you can criticize me based on facts then I have no problem with any opinion of yours.

But I understand the entertainment value in using the dramatic words that you like to you. It is your choice.

What is more bizarre is the way you are comfortable with assuming that I am the product of western values exclusively or that I have very little knowledge of the history of Syria or the Middle East.

I happen to be the one who worked with my uncle (a historian) and my father (a senior UN diplomat for decades) for two years to populate this website:

with hundreds of images from our family's collection of original (not copies from books) photographs from as early as 1840, and more importantly ... every image has a story that goes with it that was selected after hours of considering many other pieces of information. Thousands of hours of work on that site's content Waseem made Oleg Grabar (Google him) write "I look forward to learning from these imgages" .. This guy does not need to learn from anyone.

And tens of experts in mideast history wrote to me and became friends ... read some of their quotes on Creativesyria or mideastimage if you are not sure.

If it is modern Middle East history that I did not seem to understand, then read my "the Case for Syria" on SC and tell me why did everyone want to ask the Syrian embassy to pay $160,000 to place my article in the New York Times as a full page ad? .. read the comments by Qifa Nabki (since he seems to be ok in your opinion) .. he wrote that it was a "monumental" post (on Twitter) ... he called it my Sistine chapel (on SC).

I have no doubt that you read more books than I can do, Waseem. Your vocabulary is impressive. I wish I had your writing skills.

But I spend my time doing, instead of reading and criticizing... we all have our preferences as you said. I am usually an expert in the psychology of users of technology. Here is one of the four papers I published in professional journals.

And yes, as part of being an author and an admin in SC I do get to know many things that are not shared publicly.

And I will answer one of your questions in your FB inbox, not here... I already wrote my whole resume in this comment.

Maysaloon said...

You see whilst Nour and I disagree on many issues we do know who we are and where the line is crossed. For example an American Democrat or Republican would be in fierce disagreement, but all of them detested the Soviet Union and Communism. I can only accept this difference in degrees argument to a certain level, it's that old argument of how many hairs make a beard. At some point, you cross the line.

I think Nour brings up an excellent point. Accepting foreign occupation simply because it has been there for a long time is a morally flaky position to hold. You can't and must not do this. It's wrong.

Unknown said...

Tell that to the Syrian leadership and to Sayyed Hassan too.

President Ahmadinejad accepts whatever Syria accepts.

Your definition of moral values is not like mine Waseem. I think it is "morally flaky" for anyone who is not prepared to go an fight on the ground to advocate positions that will certainly lead to bloodshed.

Israel occupied the south of Lebanon for 19 years, then had to leave.

I happen to believe that there will be no future for any religion-based state .. not Israel and not Saudi Arabia.

I will wait for that change to take place naturally, without bloodshed... or with minimal bloodshed.

I think that perhaps two decades after peace (based on Syria's declared position) the Israelis will be more comfortable giving up on "the Jewish state" and other dangerous Zionist ideas.

But now they are not ready yet ... there is a need for a transition period.

All we need for now is a clear understanding that Syria will only sign a peace treaty from a position of strength. Syria must be recognized as a regional power in the Levant. Israel can not play any role (beyond economic) in the region until it stops being isolated (by definition of wanting to be the Jewish state).

I did not cross any morally defined lines. Sorry.

Maysaloon said...

Well Camille,
I'm no more comfortable in assuming anything about you than you are in calling me an "Islamist". "There you go again" generalise, then normalise assumptions.

Secondly I'm no more a dramatist with my words than you are a self-publicist. We use the gifts we are given and I don't see a problem with that. My issue with you has been about to what end we use them.

Thank you for the family history and for your resume. Camille putting pictures on a website and doing funky things with HTML editors is not what I was talking about and you know it.

You are talking politics and that is a different ball game. There is a difference between knowing when a series of events happened and in what order, and knowing why it happened and the result of that.

It's the why bit that makes you commit the mistakes that you do. I'm justified in criticising you, and fiercely, when you venture into that area because it is a free for all. Notice I do not criticise you on mideastimage, nor on creativesyria, though I have been vicious with some of the ignorant "intellectuals" you have had on there. They were proof that grey hair and a PhD do not a wise-man make.

No Camille, you're fair game when you get involved in something like It is Syrians and Arabs like me you have to answer to, and I'm being a nice guy...

Maysaloon said...

Advocating positions that will "certainly lead to bloodshed"?

You are the one who is asking for the kiddie gloves to be put on, so that we can give the Zionists more time. Haram, they are "not ready yet", because we're talking about screwing the prom queen, not about a nuclear armed war machine that is aggressively ethnically cleansing the Palestinians.

To lapse into the vernacular, yekhreb beytak you're locking the barn door after the cows have bolted! Palestine has been occupied for sixty years and you want to give the Zionists another twenty years so that maybe they can say sorry?

And then you tell me you haven't crossed any morally defined lines? That's because they're behind you...

Unknown said...

I have no problem with you being an Islamist. Waseem, it is not the same .. I did not call you a terror supporter or a Taliban Jr. like you called me a prostitute.

And the fact I see things differently did not make me assume you are an idiot, like you insinuated here (at first at lest).

I think you are smarter than many Ph.D.'s that I know.

But I wish you can be a bit more reasonable than to reduce my knowledge in history to HTML and placing pictures on mideastimage. That part was done by my programmers. Go read what is written undereach photo and and tell me if you really knew a fraction of that information. We selected most of the quotes from tens of books that my uncle has been collecting ... hand written notes by the diplomats living in Syria in the 1700's for example ...

I think the prostitute label is a bit out of place Waseem. That is all. Differ with me as much as you want.

I will explain more about onemideast as time comes. You will see that it is mostly about scientific research into the psychology of the people of the middle east and the way it feeds the conflict.

Maysaloon said...

Khalas I'm sorry I called you a prostitute, we can kiss each other's moustaches and make up. I will differ with you though, and yes, I have already learnt much from that history site, like I said I never critised the good things you do.

Unknown said...

I am not giving them 20 years to give back the 67 occupied lands (including east Jerusalem) .. I am giving them 20 years to feel comfortable abandoning the need for a Jewish state and agreeing to blend into the region just like the other minorities .. the Christians, Druze, or Armenians.

And that is, again, not very different from Syria's official position which Sayyed Nasrallah and Khaled Mashaal accepted long time ago.

I have to go to dinner Wasseem. And you are trying hard to misread me.

I'll leave it at this point to the readers to decide. I think two hours spent here are enough for me to not feel that I am not answering those who criticize me.

Unknown said...


I'm sorry I did not notice your last comment before. I just noticed it now.

To me, the "king" here is the current generation of Syrians + President Assad

You probably agree that most of them (50%+) will approve a peace treaty which is based on the Arab peace initiative and the various UNSC resolutions related to our conflict.

As I said, I find that the more natural, and least bloody path to a Middle East with open borders is to go with the most popular formula for a settlement.... 67 borders.

Then, a new process will inevitably start ... just like Syria and Turkey (former enemies) are gradually opening their borders and integrating their economic and other interests, other countries in the Middle East including Israel will find it attractive to do the same with their neighbors...

Nour, no solution is perfect. I will not try to convince you that I know better ... we all make decisions based on our assessments of probabilities of success, and none of us really knows how to accurately estimate those probabilities.

Finally ... will not give Israel any credibility ... it is just a website with a very limited objective. I don't think we need to worry about us giving the Israelis credibility.

Maysaloon said...

Sorry I just saw your comments. I don't think I'm trying hard to do anything to your comments, what I'm trying to do is show you that the principles you're basing your arguments on aren't principles everybody accepts as self-evident, so whilst your view has its own internal logic, it is not something which many will accept. Until that is at least recognised everybody will continue to talk past each other.

Giving the Zionists twenty years will not change them. The dog's tail stays crooked even if placed in a hundred sets.

Unknown said...

By the way, while I was commenting here, I was being interviewed for La Presse, Canada's main French language newspaper.

I mentioned it to the journalist and she loved your post title, so she wrote about it in the article today :)

See link on my Facebook wall.

Nour said...


As I said in my post, the nation is not made up of only one of its generations, but rather all its generations. So if 51% of Syrians today say they accept a "peace" treaty based on the silly Arab initiative, this means nothing to me, so long as this position constitutes a threat to the nation as a whole. A position by a majority of a particular generation rooted in misinformation, deception, and ignorance is not a criterion for me to follow. The majority of Lebanese today think the sectarian system is a good system. This does not mean that I should support such a system or that it is the "least bloody path" when in fact this system has led to the most severe forms of bloodshed in Lebanon. I will continue to work tirelessly to undo the entire Lebanese system because I know it is a destructive system that has led to one disaster after another, regardless of how the majority of the misled public feels about it.

With respect to the Jewish occupation of our land, it is not merely an incidental event that has led to mutual mistrust on both sides and has caused the Jews to be nervous about dropping the idea of a Jewish state. And to reduce it and simplify it that way I think does a great disservice. The Jewish occupation of our land is part and parcel of a clear Zionist plan to rid our homeland of its indigenous people and replace them with Jews. As Waseem said, the ethnic cleansing and genocide is ongoing, and the plan continues to be implemented regardless of how much we pretend that "peace" is around the corner. The threat to the continued existence of our nation is real and cannot be ignored. The enemy continues to strengthen itself day after day in order to proceed with its murderous agenda, while many of us are living in fantasy land. Instead of working seriously to unify our will and consolidate our resources toward building and developing our nation in order to be able to confront our dangerous enemy, we instead reinforce our divisions, adopt western concepts and language (i.e. concepts that the west has developed for us but which it itself does not use in its own conflicts), and surrender our right to struggle in favor of a delusional pacifist approach.

As for the comparison to our relations with Turkey, it is misplaced, because Turkey's very existence is not based on the occupation of our land. We may indeed have border disputes with Turkey which can be resolved in any number of ways, but Turkey is not implementing a deliberate plan to rid our homeland of our people so that Turks can take their place.

Finally, Iran, Hizballah, and the Syrian regime are not the sole determinants of what positions we should be taking with respect to matters affecting our national interest. I support Hizballah only insofar as they are involved in resistance, because I support my people's right to resist occupation. However, I do not support their ideology and I will be the first to criticize them the moment they drop their right to resist and adopt the "peace" path. The same goes for the Syrian regime and Iran. My belief remains that "there is nothing easier for some nations than to surrender their rights in life for the sake of an everlasting peace, and Social Nationalist Syria refuses to be among those nations."

Maysaloon said...

لك نور! ما عرفتك :) شو هاد كله يا زلمة؟

تحيا سورية !

Maysaloon said...

J'aime les mots s'indigne un internaute.

Certainement "s'indigne"!

Nour said...

Waseem, do you have the link? I'd like to take a look at it.

Maysaloon said...

Here it is:

Unknown said...


Me too (up to a point)

تحيا سورية !


"s'indigne" 2awiyeh, mazboot. Bas internaute sounds shway funny for some reason.