Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Syrian Revolution Chants Disappointing? I Beg to Differ

The Syrian revolution has had the best chants in all the Arab Spring countries, and I find people who say the opposite quite bizarre. Here is the famous chant led by the late Ibrahim Kachouch, who had his larynx cut out by Assad's thugs.

And in line with how popular these have become, here is a report by al Jazeera about the songs that have come out of Syria since the start of the revolution:

My favourite chant is in this video:

On a personal note, many Egyptian comrades constantly tell me how far more impressive the chants in Syria are compared to those in Egypt. Here is a video of the protest that I uploaded to this blog, incidentally one of my Egyptian friends had told me how much he loved Syria's chants on that very day. Here is another link, this one to the first anti-regime protest I had ever attended. Wait till the kid steps down and listen to the guy who picks up the microphone next, he was simply marvellous. To call these chants uninspiring or disappointing is grossly unfair.

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