Wednesday, December 21, 2011

The Idlib Massacre

A picture has emerged of a mass defection in Idlib on Tuesday that went badly wrong, with loyalist forces positioned to mow down large numbers of defectors as they fled a military base. Those who managed to escape were later hunted down in hideouts in nearby mountains, multiple sources have reported.
The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights estimated that "100 deserters were besieged, then killed, or wounded". "Regular troops allegedly also hunted down residents who had given shelter to the deserters," it said.
 Far from terrifying other soldiers into remaining loyal, this will only increase the dissatisfaction in the ranks. Today, tomorrow, in a week, it doesn't really matter; at some point the weight against the regime will prove too much and this disgusting house of cards will collapse. I don't expect what comes after it will be better, but it will be a start. This living death that the entire country has been subjected to for forty years is no longer acceptable.

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Anonymous said...

I think we should start discussing what will happen on the day after the fall of the regime. We need to put touts to gather.