Saturday, October 02, 2010

I really enjoyed Amira Noweira's article on the anniversary of Nasser's death. It made some excellent points on the state of Egypt following his death while still mindful of the man's flaws. I found one paragraph particularly interesting, especially as I have pointed out this hidden, and growing, danger many times before on this blog.

The rich and mighty have deserted public education in favour of private institutions of learning that pride themselves on being non-Egyptian. In Egypt, we now have an amazing array of international schools and universities (British, American, Canadian, French and many others still in the offing), producing graduates who are more competent in foreign languages than in Arabic. All Nasser's schemes for according Arabic its rightful place as the national language of education have been overturned.

This is tragic but true. By the way, on the point of schools producing foreign stooges the Damascus Community "School" is still closed. I am thoroughly impressed with this fact.

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