Monday, January 16, 2012

War in the Zabadani

This is a video uploaded today on ShamSNN. It claims to be of people in the Zabadani and Madaya, which is very close to Damascus. The video appears to show armed men who claim to be defending the inhabitants from the Syrian Army that is still loyal to Assad. There seem to be checkpoints around the town and the guards appear relaxed and confident. They also appear to be organised, communicating via radio and maintaining guard shifts. One of the guards appears to have a list of names that they are looking out for to capture. Not sure what they want with the names on that list as the context isn't very clear.

If the fighting is now intense in the Zabadani, which is a short drive from Damascus, then the level of defections and the scale of the revolt against Assad is now more serious. I suspect the intense bombing and military activity in that area is an attempt by Assad to crush any groups there before that area becomes a serious problem.

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