Monday, January 16, 2012

The Resistance-Brigade and their Hypocrisy towards Qatar

I've heard some ridiculous comments being made about the Emir of Qatar's statement regarding foreign forces in Syria to stop the killing. There are people in the pro-regime camp, or in the "resistance-brigade", who think this only strengthens the claim that Syria's regime is the victim of a global conspiracy of some sort. These same people didn't have a problem with the Emir of Qatar when he was the best friend of the Syrian regime, and when he was funding the reconstruction of villages in the south of Lebanon after the 2006 war with Israel. All of a sudden today he is a pawn of a global American/Zionist conspiracy against Assad. They conveniently forget that even after 2006, Qatar still had some ties with Israel, as well as with the United States whilst still talking to the Iranians, the Syrians and Hezbullah. But of course if the Qatari Emir asks Assad to stop killing Syrians, then his country's embassy is attacked, he is insulted in the most grotesque form by Syria's representative to the Arab League, and the Syrian regime's propaganda channels launch a campaign of hatred against Qatar. Of course none of this registers with the resistance-brigade, who would be screaming bloody murder if the exact same thing was happening in Gaza, and it was Israel doing the killing. If that were the case they would not be lecturing al Jazeera about the niceties of media professionalism and the faux pas of relying on Youtube because no international media are allowed in. No, that would be distasteful, wouldn't it?

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N.Z. said...

Qatar, its Emir and Foreign minister say it as it is. Including the role of alJazeera.

All are hated by the butcher supporter. Here is the link.