Monday, December 14, 2009

Last night Channel 5 were running the film Raid on Entebbe. I have never seen as much blatant propanda on British television but also I was happy to see how truly dated the ideology behind the film was. This idea of a civilized West, a democratic Israel and the delusion that somehow they were principled or moral has now well and truly been buried. Europe is becoming increasingly fascist and right-wing, Israel is as it has always been, a colonial implant that is occupying Arab Palestinian land. The Israeli soldiers in the film were all 'good', standup guys, people you'd like to have as neighbours or friends. Yonatan Netanyahu was presented as a square jaw, solid guy, dedicated to his work. Interesting as well was how many Hollywood actors were involved with the film, especially Charles Bronson. When I was six I had a poster of him from Death Wish holding a massive gun and blasting away the bad guys. I guess it says something about my generation, taught from a young age that people like him are 'good' when in fact, they are supporters of the Israel.

Still, it was interesting to see how the IDF and the politicians in Israel deliberate and operate. One of my fascinations during my undergrad degree was the machinations of Israeli politics and I remember going through a phase where I was very interested in the Likkud party, I think I even wrote a paper on them. Israel has its fingers in many pies, but especially in Africa. It will be fascinating to go through the security archives of the former Israeli state one day. Very fascinating...

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