Friday, October 16, 2009

The Qiblah

Five times a day I face one direction, one focal point. Yet in my life I have mistakenly faced different focal points. These false Qiblah's have all led me to misery, hardship and unhappiness. Some of these false Qiblah's were incredibly convincing. Whether 'Music', 'Arabism', 'Marxism' or even Palestine. Yes, Palestine is a false Qiblah too. There are people I have met and dear friends of mine who worship Palestine, it is the yardstick against which they measure all and with which they can identify themselves. It gives cause and meaning to their life. I don't feel that is healthy though. As the Prophet said, there are many paths, but only one is the sound one. It is by turning away from all the other false qiblah's and listening more closely to my fitra that I found myself going through Jerusalem, caring for the weak and downtrodden and even caring about the environment. All these would lead me astray individually, but when my Qiblah was true, they all fell into place...

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