Saturday, July 04, 2009

Maysaloon is back

After a brief sojourn Maysaloon is back. I think it is a human trait where we feel we have to say goodbye, not because the connection is broken, but because we think that in this way we would find closure and perhaps feel we can move on. I've learned that this is an illusion, for if we are caring enough to want to say goodbye, we are also humble enough to leave our door cracked open that little bit wider - just in case. It is ironic that Allah forgives the transgressions people might make against His laws, but not those that people commit against each other, but if we really understand the meaning of this, we find that between people too there is nothing which has been broken that cannot be fixed - if we are just wise enough to emulate one of His traits rather than let arrogance, pride and evil come in the way. I think for these reasons I will always prefer the Arabic farewells such as الى اللقاء, (till we meet), or وداعاً, (wada'an), which is shortened and comes from أستودعك الله (Astowde'ok Allah), which means I leave you in God's keeping.

There is an old Arabic saying which goes: a mountain and a mountain will never meet, but a human being and a human being for those we have parted ways with us we tell them الى اللقاء - the door, however formidable, will always be open for you.

Maysaloon will continue, but I feel it taking a slightly more spiritual twist than before. For a blog which has been ongoing since the July war in 2006, I feel it has become a roadmap of my development as a human being. Since that milestone three years ago, how many things have changed!?


KJ said...

A wise post, Maysaloon, and insightful. True, we do need to overlook the arrogance to overcome our petty differences. I realized this some time ago and have been in touch with friends I have been ignoring for reasons that have, with the passage of time, become stupid.

Welcome back!

jimmy said...

Thank you for saving me the effort of having to find a way to look you up, track you down and force you to reinstate that blog and go back to writing.

Looking back at one's lengthy blogging history is even more rewarding than scrolling through one's childhood photo album.

I cannot think of something more noble than sharing and discussing one's elaborate thoughts over a number of years indiscriminately with the whole world.

Keep it up.

Maysaloon said...

Hi Jimmy,
Glad to save you all the trouble ;) We sometimes have to take stock of what we have done just to keep some perspective on things. It is empowering but also humbling! Looking forward to some more sharp debate with you in the future.