Saturday, March 22, 2008

The United States is outraged, furious, livid at the violent clampdown on civil liberties and oppression taking place in ..........Tibet. If you are ever unsure at what position would be the most principled one to take in the messed up world we live in today, look at whatever position the United States government officially advocates and take the exact opposite side. You won't have a lot of friends anymore but trust me buddy, you'll be fighting the good fight. Works for me almost everytime.


Dubai Jazz said...

You can also describe what's happening in Tibet as riots and vandalism.
At least that's what the US itself calls the 93 uprising of the disenfranchised black people in Los Angeles. (the Rodney King uprising)

Hisham said...

Good for you my friend. They are all a bunch of hypocrites. The funny thing though is that, when you look at the sum total of what American policy makers have achieved, you then realize that they've led the country to a total bankruptcy. Moral, social and economic bankruptcy!
The empire is in decline and the American people don't seem to give a damn about it?!

poshlemon said...

lol love the sarcasm.