Saturday, November 24, 2007

I would like to publicly announce that my good friend "S" is a genius. He predicted what is happening in Lebanon months ago. Michel Suleiman has now taken control of government and I will be watching in interest the remaining events as they unfold. There is more to come for Lebanon and we will see this soon.


poshlemon said...

With Lebanon, there is always something to come, in abundance. Lebanon in the media (oh well, and in reality) is like an action-packed movie... without an ending(?!??)

Is that possible?

infinit reality said...

Hi Wassim
I unfortunately disagree with you and "s", the following is not Michel Suleiman, he has no power, plus the army in Lebanon has no much of power, all the authority power in the hand of the "Police Men", and those are Loyal to Harriri.
The following in Lebanon is not easy to figure out, because the plan could change tomorrow in Annapolis, i.e. I mean as of Today Auon has no chance, after tomorrow, if Syria decided to go, with some discussion with Israel and America, this could change.


Maysaloon said...

Welcome to my blog, Nowaret! Lebanon is quite a place indeed, at the risk of sounding judgemental, Lebanese seem to be ready to fight themselves if they have no one else to fight. No wonder Alexander the Great had such a tough time going through there!

Lak where have you been man? Long time, well actually Suleiman is not where the power is going to rest. I won't say anymore but the reason I mentioned him is because there is more which will continue. Power is not going to rest with Sleiman and I'm sure it's no secret that more will happen. Oh, you mentioned Annapolis. Why did you think it has any relevance?

Ibn Bint Jbeil said...

all this talk, i dont know, i STILL think the only hope for lebanon is this candidate: