Thursday, October 04, 2007

My first week has been highly interesting in Philosophy. For the past few days I've caught myself mulling constantly over what we really mean by "right" and "wrong". How can we truly know what is for our good? My first module is moderately interesting so far and is a General Philosophy module which I must take, it will probably get more interesting but I am most disappointed that the Political Philosophy section will be taken up by John Rawls' "A Theory of Justice".

Much more interesting for me is the module on Greek philosophy which has me beginning with Plato's works. I managed to pick up a Complete Works edition for about 30 quid from Waterstones (hardback) and have started flitting through the pages. The thing I love about Plato is that his language (well the translation) is simple and easy to use, his system of using a dialogue between two people to convey his ideas as a discussion eases the ideas gently into your mind. One thing, this is not a subject for those with little patience!!

I did want to take Arabic philosophy, but a limit on the modules I could take and time constraints meant this could not happen. Still, credit where it is due, I am drinking from the head of the fountain with my studying of the Greeks so I'm afraid Arabic philosophy will have to wait for another time and place!

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Hisham said...

Sounds very exciting!