Friday, August 24, 2007

For any bloggers with Arabic text

If like myself you like to use Arabic text on your blog, you probably found that Blogger has a nasty habit of putting spaces in between the text making it difficult and annoying to read. Here is how you can fix this. This is easier than it looks so follow the instructions and you'll be ok. If I could do this, anyone can!

Login to
Click on your blogs "Settings"
Click on "Template"
Click on "Edit HTML"
Check the option to Expand Widget Templates

**Before you begin, download a copy of your blog template and save it on your computer so that if you make a mistake you can restore it. ALWAYS BACKUP! **

Within the template you need to find a section which looks like this

/* Header----------------------------------------------- */

Beneath that section find the section which has

#header h1 {

Once you find it, paste in the following line:


Then continue scrolling down till you find the section

/* Posts----------------------------------------------- */

Directly beneath it you will find this section: { margin:1.5em 0 .5em; }

Add the same line so it looks like this { margin:1.5em 0 .5em; letter-spacing:0.0em; }

Preview the page to see if it has taken care of the spacing.

If it has great, if not, recheck you have made the right changes and not altered anything else.


qunfuz said...

Alright - here's a question from technophobe, and technofool. How do I put links to other blogs/sites at the side of my front page, as you have done?

(Hanging his head in pre-computerate shame)

Maysaloon said...

Hello Qunfuz,
Well, where the links are placed really does depend on which template you had selected. Now the one you have chosen. These are available in the Template of your blog control panel.

You should have a "Page Elements" tab in the template section which would allow you to "Add Page Elements". Once you add one, you can then "Edit" it and a screen opens where you can add links and descriptions for them. There are many cool things you can do with the page elements. Adding fancy gadgets or settings. Well worth a go.

Give it a try and let me know how you get along.


Unknown said...

it worked!!
lak merci :-)

qunfuz said...

Thanks Wassim. I've finally sorted it out, with your help. (I had to upgrade the template).