Thursday, January 04, 2007

Hezbullah meets with Saudis

The ongoing political crisis in Lebanon may no longer be on the front pages of the newspapers, but behind the scenes there has recently been a flurry of activity. al Quds al Arabi reports that talks between Hezbullah and the Saudi's have not led to any progress. Sheikh Naim Qassem and Mohammad Fneish a high level official in Hezbullah were flown to Saudi Arabia in a private Saudi jet on the 26th of December while al Sayed Hassan Nasrallah declined a Haj invitation for security reasons. Nasrallah did however, meet with the Egyptian ambassador to discuss the Lebanese situation, the first meeting of its kind since the eighties. These are considerably high level meetings and it would be interesting to see what kind of carrots the Saudi's and Egyptians are offering Hezbullah to backdown. As one reader on the site commented, power gains you respect. The Egyptians and Saudi's (the United States and Israel too) recognise this and now behave accordingly with Hezbullah, interesting.

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