Thursday, January 04, 2007

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2006 was a bad year for Israel PR. They saw the photos of their war crimes during the Lebanon war and war crimes against Palestinians flying all over the world minute by minute and reached everyone’s desk. Who can forget scenes of all these massacres and the infamous photos of the Israeli kids and men signing bombs before they are fired on Lebanese kids?

Today, the Zionist propaganda is leading a campaign against a single photo that was selected to be part of Reuters 2007 calendar. Here is the one:

The image which the Zionist are complaining about and saying it is a mistake that should be complaint about and not repeated, is of a Palestinian resistance fighter. The caption of the image is: “A Palestinian militant marches during funerals for Palestinians killed by Israeli troops, in the Maghazi Refugee Camp. The photo was taken by Mohammed Salem.”

So what the Zionist are complaining about? They are saying that this photo should not have been published in Reuters calendar because “Why would this image of a militant Palestinian make it through along with peaceful nature and culture images,” they claim!

The question is, which peace they are talking about? Is this photo going to ruin the peace process “the Zionist are deeply busy in”? It is clear that the photo hurts the Zionist image because is clearly states the fact that they want to keep hidden.

What we see in this photo is:Palestinians are KILLED by Israeli troops; Palestinians are not terrorist but they are “militia” fighters (term which I don’t agree with fully); The caption said “funerals for Palestinians…”, which implies that this is not an isolated incident, but a recurring crime conducted by the Israeli “troops”; Last but not least, the “marches … in the Maghazi Refugee Camp,” which again reinforce the fact that we are in year 2007 and uprooted Palestinians are still living in CAMPS! In short, it summaries the conflict: “occupation, resistance, refugees, martyrs, camps and war.”It is obvious that the photo is very damaging to Zionist image and PR efforts and uncover the lies that they try to spread day and night over mainstream media.The campaign which is lead by the well known infamous Zionist tool called, dis-Honest Reporting, is asking its readers and supporters to email the Reuters editor-in-chief and ask him to “censor and photos” that Reuters publish so that it is not “biased” toward the “truth”, but should implement a “self-censorship” to remain “biased” towards the “Zionist acceptable image”, which means not to show the facts and uncover the crimes of the Zionist movement.

Having said all that, I urge you all reading this to send a smarter email to Reuters editor-in-chief and thank him for publishing the truth and making sure to urge Reuters to show the world the real images of the conflict. Non-biased, is all what we are asking for, just be fair and show the two sides of the coin (of course this is not what the Zionist will ask for because they know that their crimes against humanity is unmatched by numbers and results by any and all the crimes conducted by any other terrorist around the world including but not limited to those who kill the innocent Israeli civilians).

Action: Email Mr. David Schlesinger, Reuters’ newly appointed editor-in-chief, and thank him for their continuous great efforts provided by Reuters photo department, who shows unbiased images of the world and increase the organization’s credibility among all its readers. Send your comments to:,,,, (Reuters Press and PR Office)PS. If anyone knows the email of the Photographer (Mohammed Salem), please leave it in the comments section here so that we can send him a “Thank You” letter too!

Please spread the word and republish this by email or in your blog.

(Copied from the Sabbah's blog)

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