Sunday, November 19, 2006

Liban is on the brink...Libnan is pushing it.

The Lebanese government of Fouad al-Siniora is on the brink. I've just heard the speech by al-Sayid Hassan Nasrallah, still on top form, but not as good as some of his older speeches. Apart from his accusations that this government is taking it's instructions from the US embassy in Beirut (which it is), it has also lost any legitimacy now that the Hezbullah and Amal ministers have resigned. There was also a thinly veiled warning to the government not to use force against protestors should they take to the streets, reminding his listeners of the approach used by the Karameh government, refusing to use force against the Coca-Cola revolution last year.

The speech was also a briefing for all of the groups supporters, firstly the call for them to psychologically preparing to take to the streets; not to resort to violence and insults should they be attacked by supporters of the Coca-Cola revolution; the avoidance of angry or insulting slogans and a unified approach regarding the motives of the protests. Incidentally when Nasrallah refers to protests he means protests; remember we are talking about at least a million people. The Western media may have focused on the Coca-Cola revolution, but immediately afterwards lets not forget the ocean of people supporting Syria last year. It seems Siniora and his government really do have two choices: either early general elections or a true national unity government. It must be getting very busy in the US embassy in Beirut today...

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