Tuesday, September 05, 2006

On the lowering of the Iraqi flag in the north of the country

العلم المذكور ليس علم البعث، بل هو علم يحمل الوان الثورة العربية الكبري، الاحمر والابيض والاسود والاخضر، والغالبية الساحقة من اعلام الدول العربية مشابهة ان لم تكن متطابقة في الوانها مع العلم العراقي، وخاصة العلم المصري، وحزب البعث لم يحكم مصر ولن يحكمها، لانه لا وجود فعليا له في ارض الكنانة.

"The [Iraqi] flag is not the Baath party flag, but one that carries the colours of the [1917] Great Arab revolt. Red, white, black and green, the vast majority of Arab countries have similar flags if not identical to that of the Iraqi flag, in particular that of Egypt, since the Baath party has never and will never rule it. This is because it does not have an actual presence in Egypt." Al Quds Newspaper

It's amazing how the occupying forces are still trying to dissect Iraq and strip it of any semblance of it's Arabism. Shortly after the invasion, the US administration tried (and failed) to implement a new flag. I see the current Quisling government of Iraq is now trying again. Maybe the people are now too broken and cowed by suicide bombings, civil war and occupation to kick up much of a fuss like last time. Those hits just keep on coming....

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