Saturday, August 12, 2006

UN Resolution 1701

The United Nations resolution has been passed, an absurd and ridiculous declaration that has originated from the policy makers and strategists in Washington, London and Tel Aviv.

Main points, all in favour of Israel.

  1. Disarming of all non governmental groups in Lebanon (read here Hezbullah).
  2. Unconditional release of the two Israeli prisoners.
  3. Not one mention that Israel is the party responsible for the massive damage to civilians, infrastructure and property.
  4. No demand for an immediate withdrawal of Israeli troops from Lebanon.
  5. NO reparations, condemnation or indignation for the massacres perpetrated by Israel in Qana and elsewhere. Only a pathetic reference that there has been death and destruction on both sides. This insults every Arab, by presenting the suffering as having been mutual, which it was not. It insinuates that Arab/Lebanese blood is not as worthy as Israeli blood.
Is this another defeat for the Arab world? I think not. After the depressing events in Palestine and Iraq, something else has been awakened around the Arab world. For the first time since President Nasser, the Arab masses have rallied around a cause. They have had a champion, Hezbullah, much to the dismay of foreign elements keen on encouraging a Sunni/Shiite split in the Middle East. Last of all, the Arab governments have been exposed for what they are, a facade.

For Israel, the myth of it's invincible army has taken a dent. Western viewers with traditional news have been shielded the worst of it, but those of us with access to Al Jazeera and other networks have been amazed as we watched the arms of one of the mightiest war machine on earth burning in the fields and orchards of South Lebanon. This proves that we can hurt Israel, we can make it bleed and that there is not a damn thing the mightiest country on earth can do about it. The illusion has suffered its first crack, and if I was living in Israel, I would feel very nervous right now.

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