Sunday, March 16, 2014

Why Yabroud Fell

Yabroud fell because the rebels were busy fighting ISIS. Because they don't have enough resources to fight the regime and ISIS, because ISIS was moving into the liberated areas and cutting people's heads off for listening to music or smoking. Because the regime is being supported by Hezbullah and Shiite militias from Iraq that are paid for by Iran and that Iran is giving the Syrian regime technical advice, expertise and weaponry, and that Russia, which is now occupying parts of Ukraine, has torpedoed every effort by the international community to prevent "foreign intervention" in Syria, the type of foreign intervention that is unpalatable to Western leftists and not to be confused with the foreign intervention of Russia in Ukraine or Iran in Syria. But that is alright because the West is backing these rebels according to the conspiracy theorists, and they are being told to cut off people's heads and incite sectarianism, not the sectarianism of a regime that shells mosques and slits the throats of children in Sunni villages. The other sectarianism that is alright to mention because you won't be labelled a sectarian yourself for calling it out. And of course the West is worried about chemical weapons, or any weapons, falling into the wrong hands. The same wrong hands that the conspiracy theorists think the West is funding, but they're not really funding, because if they were funding them then the rebels would have been able to fight both ISIS and the Syrian regime at the same time. But they couldn't, so they fought ISIS during the time when Assad and Hezbullah were mounting their campaign near the Lebanese border. And that is why Yabroud has fallen. Thank you for reading. Good night.

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