Wednesday, August 07, 2013

Ubuntu Forum Hacking and Mention of the "Syrian Cyber Army"

Not many people might know this but there was a recent hacking of the Ubuntu forums site and it was down for a long time whilst they tried to get things sorted and back together again. The person who claims to be behind this sophisticated attack mentions the rationale behind what he did, and also make some disparaging comments about Assad's army of hapless hackers:

If I do get into a website, most of the time there's no REAL malicious intentions. Grab the database, leave a message. That's it. I don't like to over-do things. Might cause some downtime, but what if it WAS the "syr14n c3b3r 4rmy" (not that their brain-dead brains have the power to do anything whatsoever), and they did have malicious intentions, and they did leak the database and use it to their own advantage?
I don't know if the syr14n c3b3r 4rmy is the same as the Syrian electronic army, but it seems clear from these comments that they aren't taken very seriously in the world of genuine underground computer hacking. Still, they have managed some pretty high profile stunts in their misguided support for a tyrannical and murderous regime, though that might be more down to lax security precautions from the target sites than anything.

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