Wednesday, July 11, 2012

The Never Ending Lies...

The first Syrian diplomat has defected, the ambassador to Iraq Nawaf al Fares. But some people will, as always, seek to minimise the importance of this fact. Let's get this straight, this is a big deal. The people who work for the Syrian foreign ministry and diplomatic service practically worship Bashar. They cannot pass the rigorous inspections and monitoring to hold such positions if they did not. If an ambassador has finally decided to defect, then it is the latest in a series of important developments.

But firstly, here is a list of the lies I can remember being told since the start of this revolution:
1. There is nothing happening.
2. There are some minor protests, but these are isolated and not important.
3. Some people have been killed, it was a mistake.
4. People are getting killed, but it is because they are being violent.
5. There are armed gangs who are shooting at the security services - one month into the uprising.
6. Hamza al Khateeb was not tortured to death by the security services, and neither was his friend. Hamza al Khateeb is a rapist, he is not a child.
7. The repression in Bayada never happened, the footage was in Iraq and the perpetrators were Kurdish peshmerga.
8. The repression in Bayada did happen, and the man the regime arrested who was filmed disproving the lie was alive and well in a Syrian prison, to show Syrians that the man they hold, who was repressed in the town that was not in Syria, allegedly by the Kurdish peshmerga, has not been murdered.
9. The demonstrators are getting paid and being given drugs. Some of the drugs had al Jazeera stamped on them.
10. The demonstrators were waving Israeli flags.
11. The demonstrators were all salafists and funded by Bandar bin Sultan.
12. The first defection videos of soldiers are a lie, the uniforms and ID's presented are fakes.
13. The first defections of government officials and high ranking officers are a lie, the men were kidnapped and coerced.
14. The people crossing the border to escape the violence were "visiting their family" in Turkey or Lebanon.
15. The refugee camps in Turkey were set up months in advance.
16. The women in the refugee camps were getting raped and giving birth to illegitimate children - five months into the uprising...
17. The protests shown on Youtube were filmed in elaborate studios and film sets in Qatar.
18. The people who were allegedly out protesting were really out to celebrate the fall of the rains.
19. The massacres in Deraa were committed by the salafists, the massacres in Houla were committed by salafists, the massacres all over the country were carried out by salafists.
20. It's over.
21. It's really over.
22. It's definitely, certainly over.
23. The defection of the treasury official is a lie, he is an embezzler.
24. Seventy percent of the Syrian people want Assad to stay.
25. Assad has no interest in power and will leave if the people no longer want him.
26. Syria will have a democracy that will be the envy of the world.
27. The Syrian revolution is a conspiracy hatched by the Mossad, Al Qaeda, Turkey, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, and the West.
28. Syria is the last bastion of Arabism and is being targeted because of its foreign policy
29. Syria is a sovereign nation

Please feel free to add more to this list, I'm tired and I want to go to bed now.


lidia said...

You know, if I were a really mean person, I would wish you to get what you are longing for - the victory of F$A/NATO/GCC. Just like in Libya.

But I still cannot wish such fate even to a person who has a gall to publicly mock the notion that so-called "Syrian revolution" is quite openly bankrolled by Saudi royals. Of course, what do I know about you - maybe you are happy for Saudi/CIA style "democracy". After all, there are pro-Shah Iranians who called themselves democracy lovers (and USA rulers agree with them wholeheartedly).

And sure, Assad is NOT targeted because of his foreign policy - just look how keen Hilary is to condemn, punish and invade Bahrain or Saudis!

You know, you are willfully blind even if you see something sometimes.

By the way, Syrians have all rights to be against their rulers, esp. if their rulers are not democratic ones. But I dunno why to get a democracy one should ask for help Saudi royals and the same people who just managed and backed at least two coups in Latin America. I bet if you want a haircut you are going to a beheader (not too funny, alas, given the nature of F$A)

qunfuz said...

30. people in meydan are letting off fireworks to celebrate the approach of ramadan.

31. nothing is happening in meydan.

Safiya Outlines said...

I forgot the drugs stamped with the Al jazeera logo - too, too funny.

IK said...

Hahahaha love this blog.
32. Bashaar is part of the resistance against Israel, along with Hezbollah and Iran,
33. All the massacres are faked and acted out; just look at how one of the "dead" guys' eyes are open!
34. The buses in Syria are actually GREEN, which further proves the notion that the footage shot is in another country with, lo and behold, white buses!