Thursday, March 15, 2012

Sharmine Narwani and her "niggling feeling".

OK, this really has to stop, but on the other hand it's so funny! Sharmine Narwani - who now thinks she's Nancy Drew - says:

I had another niggling feeling that just wouldn’t quit: given the amount of regime-initiated violence and widespread popular dissent being reported in the mainstream media, why was the Syrian death toll so low after 10 months of alleged brutality?
And she thinks that the death toll is "so low"? Can you imagine what would happen if Narwani wrote that she thought the casualty figures in Iraq were "so low" and that she had a "niggling feeling" about that? Now do you blame me when I say that Arab anti-imperialists are a complete disaster? Arab anti-imperialists sound just like Arab Zionists did when Israel was bombing Gaza.


Zenobia said...

"Sharmine Narwani - who now thinks she's Nancy Drew -"


Anonymous said...

thank you for your hard work. it can't be easy to sift through the Narwani Lie Machine!