Friday, January 13, 2012

Remember These Days?

In case anybody has forgotten, this was what Hama was like in the glorious month when the Syrian regime's police and army were withdrawn from the city. On the eve of Ramadan, the Syrian army and security forces began shelling Hama intensively, on the pretext of fighting "armed gangs". Such demonstrations are now impossible in Hama because the people will be attacked by the security services. I watch this video now and it seems like something from a different time. If the regime was forced to withdraw the army and shabiha from the cities and villages, this is what we would see across all of the land of Syria. That would be amazing.


zenxbear said...
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Anonymous said...

My comment it not about this article. I was in Damaskus for 3 weeks till the 14th of March in 2011, I know only little about Syria, but it is on my heart (not theatrically but - I try to - factual ) and I follow you and your friends Blogs and Twitter Informations all day long. I am from Berlin, Germany. Here we get very less and analogical information. For that we try to join Twitter a.o. So, today I saw a few documentaries from Omar Amiralay and Rasha Salti(we had a 3 day Session to the "Middle East" ( Ok, now my concern: I am learning that beautiful arabic language, but I am absolutly not firm, so I can't understand the text in the messages. I needs years to learn that. So please, if you can, tell the others, that they write sometimes in english on twitter. Than I and my friends can spread your Informatoons tho others much more easier. Thank you for your blogging post and sorry for my denglish :) M.