Friday, January 06, 2012

The Meedan Bombings in Damascus

If people were more cautious about laying the blame last time, there seems to be no hesitation in blaming the regime for this morning's bomb blast in Damascus. Syrian television, with grisly voyeurism, appears to be relishing showing the blood and death that are the by-products of such bombings.

Why are these bombings happening on a Friday? Why have they only started happening now that the Arab League observers are in Syria? So many questions and too few answers. I think the finger of blame can also go the other way, and whilst the regime could plausibly be behind the attacks, we cannot rule out rogue elements in the opposition. The fact that only hours beforehand, Colonel Riad al Asaad had warned of further attacks against the regime, has only stoked the fires of propaganda against the Free Syrian Army. Yet the fact remains, why would a suicide bomber carry out such attacks with such timing and limited success, when there are enormous pro-regime demonstrations that are held in the Ummayad square or in Aleppo? In fact, why is it only the anti-regime demonstrations that get shot at if the regime's story of armed groups is true? Wouldn't an armed group attack pro-regime demonstrations? Shouldn't common sense tell us that a more sensational target would be the pro-regime demonstrators? Or perhaps carrying out the bombings on a day that would not distract from the anti-regime protests that happen each Friday? Finally, al Qaeda or any of these terrorist groups usually relish the opportunity to declare their responsibility, so why has nobody stepped forward yet?

Questions, questions, questions...


Anonymous said...

The regime played a really dirty game with the first bombing. They're muddling up the water. I hate to say it, but things are looking like Lebanon in post-Hariri times. Multiple bombings and no one knowing where to point their finger.

zenxbear said...
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