Saturday, January 14, 2012

I have never commented on my opinion regarding foreign intervention in Syria, but do those people who harangue the Syrian National Council and Free Syrian Army for calling for NATO intervention not see the beastly behaviour of the Syrian regime on its own people? Would they maintain such self-righteous indignation if this was happening in a country that was an ally of the West? Or in Palestine?

I say the world should have an international military force which can be deployed in any country that faces injustice. From Palestine to Baluchistan, and from Columbia to East Timor. Oh wait, we already have one and it's called the United Nations. Well, we all know how effective that turned out.

Going back to Syria, I think a dawning realisation that nobody will come to help should not necessarily lead to self-despair, but to a stronger sense of self-determination and independence. No more father-leaders, no more saviours from other countries, wouldn't it be amazing if Syria became a truly independent country that set its own standards for morality and expected the best from its people and for its people. There would be no need for foreign intervention, but rather our neighbours would look to us for help and for guidance - for a change. Imagine a country where justice was the ideal...

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