Friday, January 27, 2012

Al Jazeera [Arabic] is reporting over one hundred casualties in Syria today. So some people think that the "activist" groups reporting this are not credible. So let's say it was fifty Syrians killed by the regime. Is that less outrageous? What about twenty five Syrians? Would those hypocrites who pretend to be anti-imperialist be as snide and sarcastic in their comments about the daily death toll in Syria if it were Palestinians getting killed each day?


lidia said...

Al-Jazeera is a tool of such great democracy as Qatar. Its lies about Libya are too long to list. Everyone who does NOT want to Syria repeat the Libya's fate should at least take AJ reports with a healthy does of salt.

Next, what AJ reports about Palestine? WHY it so greatly cares about Syria? What about Syrian murdered by FSA (about what you have SOME reseravtions)? Are they NOT Syrians?

The same people who you call "hypocrites who pretend to be anti-imperialist" warned about AJ reports of Libya, they were ridiculed and cursed (as you do it now). One more time - do you REALLY want to Syria be "liberated" by NATO/Qatar intervention? Are you aware that FSA is NOT about some "colonel", but about NATO and GCC?

Of course, you are. You just prefer to close your eyes and repeat AJ (Qatar) lies as gospel and curse people who try to point on your willing blindness.

Of course, it does NOT mean that all is OK with Assad. But if Syria without him turned into Iraq without Saddam, would it be better? If not, why not look for ANOTHER options than NATO/GCC "liberators"?

Maysaloon said...

And al Dunia TV is a paragon of journalistic excellence and reliability? Please...I'll take al Jazeera over that nonsense any day.

lidia said...

I am NOT saying anything about Syrian pro-government propaganda. I am NOT watching it, I get my info from other places. But at least they are payed by SYRIA, not by Qatar.

of course, your critical ability are getting nice vacation when you open the TV of Qatari king, known for gross lies about Libya, for ex.