Thursday, November 03, 2011

Where is Huda Ben Amer?

An interesting photo from 2009, when the Syrian president met with Huda Ben Amer, a trusted Gaddafi supporter, on her visit to Syria. Huda Ben Amer proved her loyalty to the colonel when she pulled at a man's legs whilst he was being hanged in a basketball stadium in Benghazi, 30 years ago. Here is the article on a regime mouthpiece, the Thawra website.

The article says that the president congratulated 'Dr' Huda for her appointment as the head of the 'Transitional Arab Parliament', and they discussed the role that this parliament can play in Arab regional affairs. The headquarters of this parliament is in Damascus, and it aims at strengthening ties between the Arab countries.

It is interesting to see yet another connection emerge between the Syrian regime and Libya. What I find intriguing is how Syria, a strong ally of Iran and Hezbullah, is also friends with Colonel Gaddafi's regime, yet Musa al Sadr was vanished off the face of the earth by that same colonel. Hezbullah has no qualms supporting an ally of the man believed to have killed the founder of the Amal movement.

Now that Gaddafi has fallen, I wonder where Huda Ben Amer is?


Anonymous said...

she is captured in Tripoli and awaits trial

Anonymous said...

It has never been confirmed. She may have escaped.