Wednesday, November 02, 2011

War with Iran - Definitely, Maybe, Certainly, Probably

Some interesting developments on the international front with regards to Syria. The Arab League has a working paper that is being examined by the Syrian regime. Allegedly the regime has accepted it, and on face value that means they will withdraw their killing machines from the streets of Syria's cities and towns. In reality I don't think much will change and most people I speak with are very sceptical. Of course the Syrian regime and its supporters still speak about 'armed gangs' roaming the country, and after eight months of security services torturing and killing people there now are some. The so-called Free Syrian Army is also claiming responsibility for attacks against government targets, and it seems that the level of defections continues at a steady trickle.

Anyway, you can read the string of events taking place on the news, but what's really trigged my curiosity is the rising temperature that the entire region is experiencing. The ballistic missile test that the Israelis have carried out is a clear challenge to Iran, and an article on the Guardian's website today speaks about the United Kingdom updating its contingency plans for attacks on Iran. Sometimes I think that the speed with which things are developing this year is almost breakneck, and when everything comes to its culmination it will happen so quickly that we won't know about it till it's well and truly underway. Everybody knows that a showdown with Iran has been in the cards since 2006. What surprises me is that at no time in the number of years that I have been following this story has the region ever been closer to a complete explosion of war. For the first time ever, I find myself hoping that neither side wins. In a region of bad guys, the only losers are the people.

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