Saturday, September 17, 2011

'Syria Protest in London' Woes

I don't like the way that some Syrians are using guilt and silly arguments to get other Syrians to go to the weekly protests at the embassy. In fact I find the language they are using quite insulting. There are many people who support the revolution, myself included, but this does not mean that standing in an empty square on a Saturday in front of the stupid Syrian Embassy will make a difference, or that it means anything. Those that are protesting each week seem to me to be doing so because there is nothing else for them to do, and also so that they can assuage their (misplaced) guilt at not being in Syria. I don't blame them, but I suggest they stop being silly and let everybody contribute in their own way. Of course that does not mean I would discourage anybody from going, quite the opposite, if you feel it is important to you then go right ahead.

This brings me to the other subject of those ridiculous 'opposition' leaders who show up to each protest wearing their suits and having deeply intellectual conversations behind the protesters. They are all 'doctors' (and insist on being called thus) and refer to themselves as 'intellectuals'. I have to admit that the novelty of watching these idiots has now worn off and I obtain no amusement in watching or listening to their arrogance. I must repeat my view again that Syria's opposition politicians and government are equally repulsive. The latter is murderous and stupid, whilst the former is just plain stupid. As we say in Syria, "a gun in the hand of a good person can cause injury" (السلاح بيد المليح يذبح). Of course there are good men and women of principle, and I don't wish to generalise. Regardless of these opportunists, I do support the creation of a Syrian National Council or anything else which can help remove Assad and stop the killing of Syrians. But God help anybody who thinks they can piggy-back on the revolution or rule Syria with a sense of entitlement - God help them from me, that is...

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