Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Fascinating Insight From Nir Rosen

In his second article about his time in Syria, Nir Rosen gives some very interesting information into the nascent armed groups that are starting to challenge the regime's security services. The picture forming is that there is a capable and effective group of officers and defected soldiers that are starting to offer a slight defence against the killing. How far they can go in terms of toppling the regime is far from clear.

He points out that fighters from Homs may have captured a Syrian army colonel who is a distant relation of the president. This might explain the ferocity of the campaign that is taking place in that area at the moment. Also of interest is that Hussein Harmoush might not have been in Turkey when he was captured, and Harmoush is described as a difficult person who alienated many people. Well worth a read and I look forward to the next article.

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