Thursday, June 16, 2011

More 'Surprises' In Store...

So there will be a speech soon, and the supporters of the regime promise "shocking announcements". Perhaps these will be as surprising as the non-surprises we heard of in the last two speeches. In the first one he cracked jokes and listened to the sycophants in his rubber-stamp parliament praise him, asking him to lead not just the Arab world but the "entire world". In the second one, the beloved leader 'got to business' and gathered his team around with their notepads and pencils so that they can take notes as he gave them their homework.

Perhaps we should expect this surprise to be that he will announce another investigation of the investigations that were supposed to investigate why the school children in Daraa were arrested and tortured. Or perhaps to investigate why the demonstrators kept getting shot even though the president made it explicitly clear that nobody was to fire at civilians "even if they themselves came under fire". Or perhaps it is to tell us all  that the armed gangs/Salafists/Kurdish Peshmerga are all eradicated from Syrian soil. The five thousand refugees in Turkey will be watching his speech with bated breath, as they might be given the all clear to return home.

Somehow, I don't think there is anything that will really surprise me in the beloved leader's speech. Unless, perhaps, he announces his resignation and flies his whole family and political party out of Damascus International Airport, never to return. Now that would be a hell of a surprise.

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