Saturday, February 19, 2011

Thoughts on Libya and Bahrain

I know very little about Bahrain and next to nothing about Libya, but I do know when something does not look like it will wind down. The revolutions in these two countries are not getting coverage anywhere near as intensive as that of the Egyptian revolution, but it certainly looks to me like the protestors could very well get their way if they keep their firm resolve. The question is what would a country without the al Khalifas or the Ghaddafis look like?

Well I know that in Bahrain that would mean a Shia-led government which is more than likely to be very sympathetic with Iran. The reaction of Saudi Arabia to this will be very interesting indeed, as will be the reaction of Britain and the United States, to whom this small island is extremely important. Iran is wisely keeping its mouth shut about what is happening in Bahrain, as anything it says can be used immediately for propaganda purposes by the Bahraini government and those who wish it to remain in power. As for Libya, who knows...

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