Sunday, August 08, 2010

Weekly roundup

Well what is there to say about this week? The week of calamities more like. It seems like everytime I turn to the news there is another story of flooding, death and destruction. And I haven't even started with news from Iraq yet. The flooding in Pakistan was the most prominent in my attention, mainly because Mr 10% is now visiting London whilst his people are suffering. Apparently the problem is being taken care of, so he did not think it worth his time to come back and be a leader to his people. What can you say of a person like this? A man who was in prison for nine years and is now ruler of the same country? Not much that hasn't already been said. Truly fortune is a fickle creature.

In Lebanon the army finally fired back at an Israeli incursion, killing an Israeli Lieutenant Colonel but at the tragic cost of three soldiers and a journalist. Sadly this might not be a new trend on the part of the Lebanese army but more likely that the commander in that area is loyal to Hezbullah and therefore prepared to defend his country. Some suspect he will be quietly transferred away and the issue will be quitened down. Rather than the start of a new war, it seems this little event caught everybody by surprise and both the Israelis and the Lebanese were quick to downplay the incident.

In Iraq a series of bombings over the past two days remain 'unexplained' according to al Jazeera. The hiatus over forming an Iraqi government continues and I heard smatterings about Obama ending combat operations for the United States Army by the 31st of August. I think for all extents and purposes the "occupation" of Iraq is over. At least formally. There are new actors now the dust has settled considerably. What is interesting is to see Iraq becoming the "new Lebanon", that is a country that is totally compromised, fluid and insecure, meaning it is the perfect playground for intelligence services. Maliki is clinging on to the floating debris of his former authority but I don't know what to expect there to be honest. Knowing the Iraqi temperament it is unlikely that some strongman will not try to seize power and send all these politicians to the gallows. When is the question.

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