Friday, July 23, 2010

"Nasrallah's big freak out" author's big freak out

So the author from Beirut to the Beltway felt like venting out after Nasrallah's speech the other day. Apparently this anonymous journalist believes nothing is permanent in Lebanon and that Nasrallah knows it. It would do him good to remind himself of that fact, as a man who places all his faith either in the United States or in Israel. Yes, nothing is permanent in Lebanon, be it the Israeli occupation of the South which ended in 2000, the myth of Israeli supremacy in Lebanon which ended in 2006 or that Lebanon would always be under French mandate or dominated by Maronite Christians. This wasn't so much Nasrallah's big freak out as it is a big freak out for people like the author of Beirut to the Beltway. Truly, nothing is permanent and Nasrallah knows it. It's a shame the same could not be said for the author of that article.

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