Thursday, July 15, 2010

The kidnapped Iranian researcher arrives in Iran, but...

I've noticed there is very little media coverage about the kidnapped Iranian researcher Shahram Amiri, who has just returned to the Islamic Republic following what seems like a period of captivity in the United States. This sparse coverage tells me some very important things. Namely that on certain key issues, mainstream channels appear to 'overlook' stories about their national governments that they are not supposed to focus on. Recall the British "IT" worker captured in Iraq a few years ago and only recently released. In that story too there has been very little coverage or follow-up on what happened to him, why he was held and by whom. This was maintained even whilst he was in captivity.

We live in a world where people can be kidnapped whilst on hajj, made to disappear, made to be heroes or villains, poisoned by radioactive sushi, or thrown out the windows of expensive London apartments, with complete impunity. Such a delightful maze of mirrors and smoke that we live in.

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