Friday, July 16, 2010

Debate as Syria bans the Niqab in Schools - كذلك كنتم من قبل فمن الله عليكم

Syria Comment has just posted a link claiming that Syria has banned the niqab in schools. No doubt this will attract all manner of comments and discussion. Very few people, I expect, will defend the niqab, rather they will be defending conventions on human rights. Those that attack it will range from the outright vulgar and anti-Islamic to the enlightened defenders of civilization who recall the good times of the twentieth century when life was a party and it was all just harmless fun.

The problem is I don't feel inclined to enter the fray on either side of this debate. I mentioned before that it is a sham debate, manufactured, and framed to elicit precisely the reactions that it does. I have seen discussions about banning the burqa or niqab arise from circles and people who, prior to the 2001 attacks, would have been seen as fringe elements of society, or at least they certainly wouldn't have felt comfortable saying what they do today in polite company. Today, after considerable numbing of people's sensitivities by the press and media, it is fine to say things about Muslims,. In much the same way as some circles of Muslims or "anti-war" activists I have been amongst said the most horrible things in a blaise manner that I found unsettling. But it was only possible for them to say such things because of the invasion of Iraq and the souring of the conflict in Afghanistan.

Up until quite recently I would have joined in the fray with much gusto but instead today I feel the urge to turn my back on these mad people. I just don't ask myself the same questions anymore. I suggest you all go and find your own way the best you can, nobody can give you understanding. It can only be discovered.


Joshua Landis said...

Maysaloon, thanks for the link to my post on the Nikab. Your main argument is that "very few will defend the niqab"."

The one article I did quote was .... A defense of the right to wear the niqab.

Maysaloon said...

Hi Joshua,
I'm sorry if the point I was trying to make didn't come across clearly in my post. I was reflecting more on the different sides to the debate, and its nature, in general rather than just on your blog. I'm aware of the articles you've posted, which were very interesting perspectives on the subject.