Monday, March 22, 2010

The army that cannot be defeated

Made me laugh..


Lirun said...

that such a stupid video..

when i surf at my home beach in telaviv there are sometimes idiots who make noise when you catch a big wave..

i always leave the wave when i hear noise like that to make sure that i dont hurt anyone..

often turns out to be a dumb kook who knows i wont hurt him but wants to use the power of my caution to his advantage..

this video reminds of such idiots..

Unknown said...

that's right. These occupation terrorists are demonstrating "the power of their caution" while the brave victims of occupation and apartheid, the ancient owners of the land, are "idiots."

I look forward to all the opportunities in the coming years for the terrorists to demonstrate "the power of their caution". Fortunately we are closer to the end of this terrorist escapade than to the beginning.

Unknown said...

it's qunfuz, by the way..

Lirun said...

qunrobinfuz - whatever kook

YOU remind me of the arab leaders who said the same to the arab dwellers of israel in 1948 - leave ya jmaa - ru7hu watirjau baaden.. itll only be a little while.. we'll defeat them and you can come back..

ok.. in the meantime.. three generations later..

Unknown said...

you repeat a lie which has been discredited. The BBC monitored all Arab radio broadcasts in 1948. The records can be seen at the british museum. "There was not a single order or appeal or suggestion about evacuation from Palestine, from any radio station, inside or outside Palestine, in 1948. There is a repeated monitored record of Arab appeals, even flat orders, to the civilians of Palestine to stay put." Erskine Childers.

But Zionists keep repeating the lie to cover up their ethnic cleansing and massacre.

But don't worry, Lirun. The world will never see the truth. No need to stress about kooks like me. The Arabs and Muslims are congenitally backward. This isn't a question of historical process. It's a question of innate Jewish superiority over the natives. Unlike every other settler-colonial or apartheid state, yours will survive eternally.

Lirun said...

dear robin..

breath deep dude.. i have no intention of propaganda debates..

i am consistently uninspired by the feedback to comments on blogs like this..

but i havent given up hope yet.. so tough luck..

lets spell it out.. the video could have been of a soldier smacking someone in the head in response to a provocation.. maybe thats what you like.. maybe you like carpet bombing.. maybe you love the conflict.. maybe it tickles you..

i dont like the fact that my cousins and friends and one day kids will have to be in a situation that they will need to decide whether to hurt a palestinian.. i wish for that to change..

but you? maybe you enjoy it.. from teh comfort of your arm chair in some far off land.. maybe it makes for good entertainment..