Sunday, January 10, 2010

Art meets resistance

Fantastic picture I got from Amal-Saad Ghorayeb, who I'm sure got it from somewhere else. It is now adorning one of my walls in full A4 colour glory.

أرضكم أرضنا .. دمكم دمنا .. قدسكم قدسنا .. أبناؤكم أبناؤنا. واننا على موعد مع الصبح !! أليس الصبح بقريب ؟

"Your land is our land, your blood is our blood, your sons are our sons and we are awaiting the dawn, is not the dawn drawing near?"

Sayid Hassan Nasrallah


Amira said...

So cool!!!! Definitely beats Marilyn Monroe!

Lirun said...

very covent garden..

Cudoine said...

so you ca rip off Warhol, do arabs ever have an original thought