Monday, December 21, 2009

There are as many paths to reach Allah as there are people in the world.

Allah is not just the god of good people, He is the god of criminals as well. He is the heaviest dude when it comes to kindness...

I just watched the Iranian film Marmoulak. The two quotes above are from that film and made a tremendous impact on me. The story is of a man, a petty criminal, who manages to escape from prison disguised as a Mullah. Whilst in hiding he finds himself having to deal with the problems of ordinary people and his heart softens gradually. I like films like this; one scene, where the cynical and hardened woman who is forging his passport repents, brought tears to my eyes. A coarse, rough woman used to dealing with the dredges of society, and she feels the regret of her actions course up through her chest and frantically she burns down all her forgeries. Something about that made me choke up. How many of us wish we could wash everything away? I would scrub like a madman if I knew it would do any good.

We all deserve a second chance in life and yes, maybe even third, fourth and fifth chances..

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