Thursday, December 03, 2009

Explosion in Syria...some comments

This is the second time an explosion happens close to the Sayideh Zeinab area. The first time, I had just driven past the very junction it exploded in by about five minutes. We heard a muffled explosion, but didn't think anything of it till we turned on the television back home. Back then the explosion happened in front of an office for the security services. No information has ever been made as to who was responsible. This second bomb so far seems to have similar characteristics. It is nearer to the Shia areas of Damascus.

If it is the Iraqi's who have done this in response to the massive car bombings that took place recently in Baghdad, why only in Zayideh Zeinab and not in central Damascus?

If it is a Sunni extremist group, there has been no claims made. In addition, it is probably safe to say that the most dangerous thing you can be these days in Damascus is a Sunni extremist.

The Jordanians aren't that brave to try something so direct with Syria.

The fact that it is in a Shia area, that it has happened in Damascus, it really points to an ally of Israel and the United States. Saudi perhaps? The Saudi's are not very happy with what is happening in Yemen. But I don't think the Saudi's have enough initiative to do something like this on their own.

The United States seems to be ready to make a new push in its colonial conquests. What with 30,000 soldiers heading for Afghanistan next year, but why Syria? It is unlikely. They seem much keener to leave the Middle East and focus on Afghanistan and Pakistan.

Then again, Sayideh Zeinab could be where important liaisons take place between Hezbullah, the Iraqi Shia and the Iranians? The Israelis have been carrying out a number of attacks against Damascus over the past few years. We can laugh about how the "Zionist entity" is blamed for everything there but, if not them, then who? I missed the entirety of Nasrallah's speech and don't know if there are clues there, but it is no mistake that Israel has been hitting Hezbullah and Iranian operatives hard, and vice versa, in a cold war of sorts that has stretched throughout the world.

We will not hear much more which is useful about this explosion, at least that much is guaranteed.

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Safiya Outlines said...

Salaam Alaikum,

According to the BBC, it was caused by a tyre blowing up.

Considering the fuss made about last year's bomb (I remember one news channel reciting the statement of every country that had sent condolences)and the way it was used to gain international support,this would be a strange lie to tell.