Sunday, November 08, 2009

Helali - Poshdeh Hizbullah with English subtitles

America and Israel think they can defeat these people...


Lirun said...

dude.. r u serious?

a - this is old..

b - its gonna take them more than some empassioned rappers..

Princesse de Clèves, islamogauchiste said...

@ Lirun

a- "it's old", and so what? Stop reading Shakespeare's poetry, Plato's dialogues and the Holy Bible, because you know what, "dude", I think they're even older.

b- Lirun and Lirun's friends, you should not worry about what "it's gonna take them". Fighting for justice has historically proven to be a more effective weapon than any of your military force displayed in colonial aggressions. Remember Vietnam.

c- "empassioned rappers"... No other comment than the following one:

“So let them laugh a little and then weep much..” (Quran 9:82)

Maysaloon, please keep on posting videos (except those of U2 if you can ; )

Nobody said...

Yes. Please. We want more of this stuff. WE WANT MORE!!! WE WANT MORE!!!

:D :D

Lirun said...

so princess is that last quote how you explain the current state of the middle east arabs after they laughed at us for coming home?