Friday, August 14, 2009

Free Free Palestine! Once we have a party, watch some porn and enjoy a whiskey....

al Jazeera is reporting that gunmen declare an Islamic Emirate in Gaza. The head of the group, a Bin Laden and Zawahiri sympathiser, has called upon Hamas to adhere to Islamic Shariah, and, should it do so, then his movement will submit to it. I have suspicions about such a movement, suspicions about their authenticity and their motives and suspicions about who is supporting them. If they really cared about Jihad then they would throw their lot in with Hamas, who have done an admirable job compared to the lousy Fateh, not throw away young men with a quixotic horseback attack on an Israeli checkpoint.

Hamas just can't win either way. I don't understand what people want with it. An armed resistance to Zionism? They do it. Less corrupt and more principled than Fateh? They are so. So what is with all the "buts" and provisos which are mentioned whenever Hamas are mentioned. It is almost like anybody who says anything even remotely supportive of any effort they make has to then qualify their statement, for they do not want to be associated with these religious crazies. So they run campaigns to block porn? So they try to stop people drinking alcohol or doing drugs? So they want women to wear a hejab? So they encourage Islamic teachings?

Call me crazy, but...where is the actual, physical wrong, in any of that? Excuse them if they have withstood a seige for over two years and an onslaught by the Middle East's most efficient killing machine, and all this with virtually no backing from a single one of the belly-dancing regimes in the region, in fact in the face of hostility from almost all of those same bellydancing regimes. Or perhaps the bellydancing leadership of the PLO and of Fateh were any better? From Monte Carlo to Kuwait City and from casino to bar to brothel, was that the leadership that was going to liberate Palestine? What about Arafat? You fret over whether he was murdered or not now, not that that even matters, for his wife is living on a fortune that is supposed to be there to liberate Palestine, not keep her living in the manner she is accustomed to in Paris. What the hell is she doing in Paris anyway? Have you forgotten how silly he looked reaching his arm out for peace in the White House, a peace which accomplished what? Is it such a God damn surprise then that you now have Abbas and Dahlan as key in a movement which has become rotten to the core?

Then we say Hamas is this or that but...or we say the Palestinian people deserve better. Frankly I don't think the Palestinian people deserve more or less than what they are capable of, and they are capable of a lot. They are not victims, they have money and they have know how and if they wanted to they could run over the Zionists in a short period of time. The Palestinian fighter is unbeatable when fighing in the right direction from what I hear. They just have to make sure they know what the hell it is they care about more. Porn, drinking, wearing bikini's and "partying", or freeing their homeland. If Hamas can deliver then Hamas it is, no "ifs" or "buts".


qunfuz said...

I support Hamas unconditionally in its fight against Zionism. However, I am suspicious of the so-called morals campaign, which is reminiscent of the sick society in Saudi Arabia. Gaza is already a moral and conservative society, and does not need to be told what to do (as if such measures could ever convince people). I also believe that Hamas should review the irrational anti-Jewish parts of its programme, although of course I understand why the suffering Palestinians might be attracted by irrational anti-Jewish ideas. I understand why the Nation of Islam in the US think 'the white man' is the devil, literally, but it's mistaken and unhelpful as a belief nevertheless. see:

Maysaloon said...

Agreed. Hamas is not without fault, but there are certain people who pretend to be all for the Palestinian cause, wave the flags and wear the suloks when they go to a demonstration, but then it is almost as if they are embarrassed that it is Hamas which is resisting Israel.

No comparison with prophets, but this reminds me of :

أفكلما جاءكم رسول بما لا تهوى أنفسكم

and I'm sure you know the rest and that the analogy is not lost on you...

The moral campaign is not something I enjoy, but in the end of the day is what they are asking people to do really so unreasonable, uncomfortable to our 21st century taste buds, but in the face of such naked aggression...I'm not so sure it is a priority to worry about.

Lirun said...

so knee capping people at their weddings and throwing them off buildings and burning down churches.. thats all fine?

R.Sole said...

"Call me crazy, but...where is the actual, physical wrong, in any of that?"

If someone watches a self-made video of himself and his wife or girlfriend having sex; if someone enjoys a glass of fine wine over dinner; if someone wants to relax and smoke a joint; if someone wants to choose their own dress; if someone doesn't want to believe in a supernatural being without credible supporting evidence, or merely wishes to question whether or not to belief it rather than rely on conformity or blind faith - then that person will be violently kidnapped, tortured, and held against their will in a small cell, or quite possibly executed in cold blood.

That's the "actual, physical wrong" in all of that.

R.Sole said...

"it is almost as if they are embarrassed that it is Hamas which is resisting Israel."

And why shouldn't they be? Some Russians were embarrassed that it was the Bolsheviks who overthrew the Tsar. The idea that resistance movements are not to be held to moral standards is not just ridiculous, it is blatantly counterproductive since you risk the cure being worse than the disease. See the Spanish Civil War, the Cuban revolution, the Bolsheviks, Taliban, Mao, Iran etc.

Sometimes an enemy of an enemy is not a friend. Just because a situation is bad does not mean it can't get worse. Resisting oppression can result in people being tyrannized even more in the long-run. The type of people who organize resistance are often violent, bloodthirsty, power-seeking and authoritarian. These are dangerous qualities for a peacetime political leader.