Saturday, August 08, 2009

"Foreign Office expresses 'outrage' as Hossein Rassam appears among accused at Tehran court".



yaman said...

No offense Wassim, your joy seems moronic. What are you pleased about? That some televised national confession whose veracity can't be trusted "confirmed" what everybody knows, that Britain and US are allies, and that they were collecting intel on Iran? Can you tell me what the significance of this is? Another finger sticking it to 'British pride' or 'empire' or something? If this is the kind of resistance you champion and of which you are proud, it rather pathetic not to mention ill-equipped to actually do anything meaningful. Like the other lousy regimes' idea of resistance in the Muslim world this bs show trial doesn't look like it rises above the level of the symbolic, a public show case with little strategic value or meaning. Oh yeah, this confession will really end the imperial conspiracies in the middle east. Oh yeah, it will really restore the faith of the Iranian people in clerical governance. Oh yeah, score one "Muslims" and score zero "Kuffar." Congratulations, Wassim, you have something to smile about.

Maysaloon said...

None taken. I realise how confusing politics can be in the Middle East and how frustrating it can get when the "bad" guys seem to always win.

To put it simply, when you watch a lion hunt a gazelle on one of those nature programmes, a child will naturally want the deer to escape. They will feel sad when it gets eaten and not understand that just as the one needs to escape, the other must also feed. This point is with regards to the emotional maturity needed for understanding political events as we see them. If that is missing then the student is not ready for this.

Now understand that in politics there is a certain mastery which can be attained, just as in chess. Mastery here means to exert power over the opponent in a position in which they are unable to respond due to the realities imposed. By navigating these realities and accomplishing the above, one demonstrates mastery.

To recognise this mastery, you have to have certain pre-requisites. A knowledge that this game exists, a knowledge of the pieces and what they do, and a knowledge of who is battling with whom. Then, when this mastery is demonstrated, know that it is worthy of a smile.

yaman said...

What a response to call my comment childish and ignorant without even explaining yourself. Saying an opinion is of that sort doesn't make it so. Stating a thing isn't arguing for it. I wish you had tried to explain instead of giving that arrogant response.

Maysaloon said...

I think we both know you got the answer your comment deserved. Of course I am always happy to explain, but only when there is a question.