Thursday, April 30, 2009

Jordanian bloggers are scary. Unlike Egypt, where there is a vibrant criticism of the thuggish Mubarak regime, in Jordan it is as if they have all been brainwashed to worship their dwarf king Abdullah. Here is a post called "God Protect Jordan" by a Jordanian blogger called Ali. One of the commentators called Kinzi actually and honestly says:

I just love the Mukhabaraat. They may be a pain sometimes, but they do keep us safe.

Truly a bizarre people...


MJ said...

these people living under monarchs are messed up. just a couple of days ago i read a comment from a saudi person on youtube saying "the saud family are our kings and they are the kings of the world". and they call them selves an islamic state.

its funny how they think that those who criticize the saudi kingdom are jealous and envious of what 'they' have! not knowing that in reality they have nothing really..

poshlemon said...


spot on. Although I share many differences in ideology with you, but this is something I completely agree with you about. BTW, this turned out to be just a drill lol

But, I would have to say that *all* Jordanians I met in London (and they are too many), admire the regime and the King in a very surreal way that is quite difficult to make sense of. It's so bad to the point that no criticism whatsoever is allowed. Their defense radar would go on as soon as you utter as much as a word. Makes you think they're being bought off by the King. Which I wish they were; it would've been understandable. But they're not, so what is that all about? I don't understand why or how.

nasimjo said...


i respect your opinion, but for me as a jordanian, here is what things seem to be like.

In jordan, the king is one of the people, he doesn't live in an isolated bubble, and its just very normal to see him driving around without closing streets for big convoys, and its very usual to have him getting off the car just to salute you.

Its very normal that you would call a radio station and discuss a common popular problem, to have the king calling next on air, and discussing that with you.

just a couple of examples for this non protocolic way of dealing with the nation, build up alot of loyalty among the people for the monarchy we have here in jordan.

While regarding the security forces, you should know that those working in the security forces, be it the army, the police, the mokhabarat and others, are just our friends or family members ... they are not aliens or people brought from the moon ... they are part of us, we all struggle for the living, we eat together, we wait in queues together.

Its all a matter of bi-lateral respect, if you are respected and feel respected, then why not to respect as well!

Last but not least, just for you to know, kinzi is not jordanian ;)