Tuesday, April 14, 2009

It is so sad to see Egypt the way it is today. The country which shook the world with the Suez nationalisation, that gave birth to Gamal Abd al Nasser - today the errand boy for the West and Israel. So what if Hezbullah are arranging supplies and weapons to reach the beseiged Gazans? 


sasa said...

And the funniest thing is EGYPT is accusing the Hizbollah member of working to support a foreign nation.

By that standard, Mubarak should be put on trial for aiding Israel, surely??

Maysaloon said...

Do you think anybody is going to wait for Mubarak to go through a trial before a sentence is carried out?

Nour said...

It's funny that Egyptian sovereignty becomes a concern when Hizballah is aiding the resistance in Palestine, but when "Israel" bombs Egypt's side of the Rafah border, when Egypt is forbidden by "Israel" to increase its troop presence in the Sinai, and when the US and "Israel" form an agreement on controlling the Egyptian side of the border without Egypt being present at the decision-making table, there are no issues of sovereignty there as far as Mubarak is concerned. Egypt has gone from "mother of the world" (not really a statement I ever agreed with) to "joke of the world."