Sunday, January 04, 2009

News updates

The Vichy-like Palestinian Authority has banned any pro-Hamas demonstrations in the West Bank.

Also, the Israeli's appear to have learnt one lesson from their 2006 defeat, underpromise and overdeliver to their people, "The aim isn't to topple Hamas".

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Lukas said...

That's a very good analogy, actually.

Nidiaci said...

I think this is very important for understanding how they are working. And if it doesn't sound too "spammish" on my part, please spread it around.

Miguel Martinez
Florence, Italy


The Italian daily Il Manifesto, on Sunday January 4th, 2008, published a fascinating item revealing what goes on behind the Hasbara scenes.

The chairman of the Jewish Community of Rome, Riccardo Pacifici - voted in on a ticket expressly called "For Israel" - recently announced that the Union of Italian Jewish Communities (UCEI) was about to donate 300,000 Euros' worth of medicine to the victims of the war in Gaza: 200,000 to "the children and people of Gaza", 100,000 to the "children and civilians" of Israel.

The Italian Foreign Minister expressed his great admiration for this generous gesture.

However, a right-wing Italian emigrant to Israel, Shimon Fargion, raised a noisy protest against this aid to Palestinians.

Riccardo Pacifici answers Fargion, apparently on a semi-public mailing list. First declaring his "total support for this war in Gaza". Faelino Luzon chimes in to explain that this "gesture of humanity" had been "decided on beforehand together with the top Israeli officials (for obvious reasons, I cannot go into greater detail)" .

Pacifici explains that the Italian Jewish community agreed with the Israeli ambassador on keeping a "low profile" at this time. "I can assure you - writes Pacifici - that the decision to send medicine to Palestinian and Israeli children was taken only for media purposes, and was only used for our struggle which will start on Monday in the media to support Israel".

Pacifici announces that on January 10th there will be a "mega-event" with 1,500 personalities chosen together with the Israeli ambassador in order to "explain Israel's reasons and its right to make this war".

Pacifici explains that the Roman Jewish community did not spend "even one Euro" for the medicine, which was donated by "an international Jewish organization" and guarantees that "in any case not one piece of medicine will get to Gaza unless it has been authorized by the Government of Israel".

Then Riccardo Pacifici, chairman of the Jewish Community in Rome, writes another, more personal e-mail to Shimon Fargion:

"Dear dickhead… give me your address so I can come and kick you in the ass… here at For Israel I work fucking hard and I have a police escort… YOU PIECE OF SHIT…. I did everything together with the Israeli embassy… What the fuck do you know about what we are doing? YOU PIECE OF SHIIIIIIIIIIIIIIT".