Saturday, January 03, 2009

Marcel Khalifeh -Kaffanaho


Lirun said...

what can you tell me about this:

Lukas said...

Lirun, do you hope to somehow dispel your own peoples’ guilt by reminding us of another nation’s wrong actions? First, it doesn’t change that Israel is by definition is an illegal states and its current actions work to confirm this statement. Second, you should be ashamed of yourself.

poshlemon said...


from a comment you left on my blog, I was under the impression that you were feeling reproachful of your government's actions and that made you look good. But, then I come here and see this crap you left here. What the hell are you trying to prove?

As Lukas said, the wrong doings of another nation sometime in the past does not forgive or excuse the worst massacre of our modern times that is being committed by your a government, a government whose actions seem to be quite sanctioned by the Israeli people.

Lirun said...

whoa.. in hebrew we say on the head of the theif the hat is burning..

all i did was ask a question.. i was interested to hear your take.. it wasnt a provocation or at least wasnt meant to be..

nevertheless - if you check your own governments and their/your histories you'll find that each of you stood still while YOUR OWN governments did worse.. much much worse.. atrocities that we would never commit..

but you are right thats besides the point.. im demonstrating against the war and im doing whatever i can.. i condemn the decision to attack gaza with such brute force..

what did you do while jordan syria lebanon and egypt slaughtered your brothers.. what have you done for darfur..

or are you just a bunch of hypocrits..

do you only cry over arab blood when jews are involved in a conflict..

sure we are going too far but there are many people who have tried many other avenues..

i wasnt headed this way.. but youve opened the door so may as well join you..

poshlemon you two faced monster.. youre nice to me behind closed doors (ie email) but the second you suspect that i might disagree with you - you lash out like a ravenous fool..

it is people like you that make people prefer a two state solution over a democratic shared home..

thank goodness i have many close arab friends that allow me to understand that you and wassim are not the norm..

Lirun said...

and lukas - ure parents must be very proud of you..

Lukas said...

I highly doubt you are as innocent as you claim; however, the point is that you’re still trying to draw attention away from the actions of your nation by focusing on the bad actions of others (as if that somehow serves to justify what is being done). And, while you’re at this, you have no shame in stating that you’re demonstrating against and condemning the attacks, or rather the “brute force” of the attacks. To even suggest that I am a hypocrite, because I supposedly oppose the Israeli occupation and onslaught of Palestine yet not events which have been/are taking place in Arab countries, shows complete ineptitude on your part. I have spoken out on numerous occasions against the genocide being carried out by the Sudanese government and جنجويد forces; against the governments of Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Jordan, et cetera, (who, by the way, quite apparently support of the illegal state of Israel) for their actions not only against their own Arab and Muslim citizens but also their efforts each other. Frankly, your so-called opinions, Lirun, are offensive and uninformed. I would ask for an apology, but I don’t expect one from someone with the likes of you.

poshlemon said...


I am polite to you when I have no reason to be otherwise i.e. when YOU email me or in public :) But, when I disagree with your beliefs, then you call that rude? and being two-faced? hmmm.

And to hell with your democratic shared bullshit of a home. Shared? In what aspects, kindly enlighten me. Whatever. I am not a proponent of the two-state solution but the one-state, especially the one you hail, belongs in Neverland.

signed by 'two-faced posh'

Lirun said...



"But, then I come here and see this crap you left here. What the hell are you trying to prove? "

this was your answer.. i dont even know what you disagree about..