Friday, January 16, 2009

The inaugaration of Obama is very soon, so the Israeli attack on Gaza should be over shortly. In England, this is all already old news. On the day that the UN headquarters and warehouses got bombed in Gaza, the top news in the UK was about a plane that crashed into the sea near New York city in the United States.

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poshlemon said...

I know... Isn't that crazy? It dominated CNN. I didn't flip to BBC. But Aljazeera, obviously, didn't give it more attention than it deserved.

You know, the stuff I keep hearing on a daily basis pisses me off. As much as their people sympathizing and being proactive, there are many who wouldn't even give it the time of day. Not one word or one thought. I am not expecting people to drop their lives but come on, "get out of your bubble people". So many deaths for goodness sake!!!