Monday, January 05, 2009

The Arab world speaks...Western Media look away

You will not find this in the Western news, Cairo is now an armed camp as the army struggle to contain protests which had been called for by the Muslim Brotherhood in support of the people of Gaza. There are protests with people in the thousands in Alexandria and numerous parts of the country calling for a complete cutting of diplomatic ties with Israel, the support of the Gazan's and of Hamas, and the boycotting of all American and European products.

In Jordan, thousands of students have taken to the streets to protest their governments relationship with the Israeli state. Calling for opening the borders and announcing a Jihad against Israel. They also called for cutting diplomatic ties and for abandoning the peace treaty.

In Lebanon a huge demonstration took place in Beirut in front of the headquarters of the United Nations there. The security services also blocked another protest from making its way to the American Embassy in Beirut, using water hoses and tear gas to break them up.

In Rabat, Morroco, approximately 2 million people took part in a protest in solidarity with Gaza and condemning Israel.

In Yemen, protests across the country are in support of the Palestinian people, condemning official Arab submission to Israel and the United States. 

In Libya, protestors condemned the criminality of the Arab regimes which are working in collusion with the United States and Israel against the Palestinian people.

In Mauritania, protestors have called for a complete cut of all diplomatic ties with the Israeli state.

Protests have been taking place all over the Gulf states, even in Kuwait and Saudi Arabia, calling for an end to the killing in Gaza.


Lukas said...

I am very proud of the continuing protests taking place in Morocco and across the Arab world. Incha' Allah, action with be taken soon.

I'm also very suprised the lack of coverage these protests are receiving...

Lukas said...
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Maysaloon said...

Do not be surprised, the West has long been in collusion with Israel and Arab blood is cheap for them.